Thursday, 8 April 2010

Freezing Photo Shoot in the Name of Charity

If you read my blog then you already know about Latimer Hinks raising money for Help for Heroes and St Teresa's Hospice by way of hosting a Charity Ball.

If you don't know, then please click this link Latimer Hinks Charity Ball

In order to promote the event locally it was suggested a photo shoot was in order. Our PR company organised a jeep from the TA (for the military connection). Fine, no problems with that... but then they hit us with.... "perhaps some glamorous ladies from Latimer Hinks dressed in evening wear would like to pose with the jeep to provide a juxtaposition of images!"
It took a little convincing but I managed a trio (2 ladies and one gentleman) to agree. I was also roped in providing 4 representatives from Latimer Hinks, as well as representatives from Help for Heroes, St Teresa's Hospice and the TA!

The day of the photoshoot dawned and it was freezing! The TA representative was fine, dressed in his khakis ready for whatever the weather might throw at him. Also, Help for Heroes and St Teresa's were sensibly dressed.

Enter the Latimer Hinks team "dressed to the nines" in glamourous evening wear. Not the type of attire suitable for spending 20mins posing in the cold weather (i swear my hands were purple!). Add that to the request that we sit ON the jeep - have you ever tried climbing in an evening gown? - not a pretty sight! and nigh on impossible without the help of the TA!!

The resulting photo should be worth it! It better be!!

We've received more donations for the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball, our thanks go to:

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