Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Social Media - what it's for and what's next

Following on from my attendance at The Art of Marketing: 08 I came across the following detailed article on a Social Media Presentation from The Online Marketing Blog.

I found it an extremely interesting read - I have already put into practice the "Trifecta" (only I didn't realise that what I had been doing actually had a name!).

I also previously set up a Twitter account but I'm afraid I haven't taken it any further - I think perhaps I may need to revisit this.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Art of Marketing, Social Media and Social Networking

On Monday I attended a conference entitled Marketing 08: the Art of, it was held at the Sage, Newcastle (fantastic venue!) and hosted by Business Link.

The conference will act as a forum to share knowledge and best practice and hopefully help attendees inject creativity into their marketing plans.

It was a very informative day out. Publicity king Max Clifford was the keynote speaker - very interesting and entertaining. Max considers his job is to "promote and protect" his Clients.

Max has an enviable position - he does not and has not advertised his services, people/businesses come to him! To become a Client of Max's you'll need £20,000 minimum per month (for 6 months!)

Amazing - and all of this on the back of developing the Beatles brand!

The Digital Dialogue session for the day included:
Social Networking (Ian Green of Green Communications)
- an overview of social networking and how it influences media, culture and society globally.

Ian asked the audience of approx 340 if they used Facebook for personal use - majority of people raised their hands, and for business use - dramatically less raised their hands.
He also enquired as to how many had blogs for business and I was shocked to see around less than a 1/4 raised their hands.

Latimer Hinks use social networking to a great extent and seem to be (going by the number of hands raised/not raised) quite forward thinking. We use LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger and something Ian didn't mention - social bookmarking, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, FurlIt, Stumble.
All of those mentioned are free resources and in this time of financial unease, something businesses should consider using.

Here is a link to Ian's slides
Here's a couple of blog posts i've already made on the subjects
Social Networking Sites and Employment, do they mix?
Social Bookmarking
Social Media Starfish - available media
Web 2, RSS Feeds and their benefits

The second speaker was E-marketing Design (Ian Gibbons of Mobious)
how this new online medium offers a new landscape for creativity.
Ian spoke in numbers -
  • there are 25 million online in the UK with an average of 31.1 hours a month in front of the internet.
  • £3.5 billion online media spend.
  • £110 per second spent by brands online.
  • Ads have 4 seconds to capture a visitors interest.
  • Today one edition of the Sunday Times contains more information than a 17th Century man faced in a lifetime.

Ian suggested visiting the IBA website for a creative showcase gallery of online ads.

All in all it was a very informative day and to summarise - embrace RSS feeds, blog, bookmark, network socially and "look outside of the box" - try it, apart from time it's all free!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Free Presentation for Commercial Landlords & their Advisers

Latimer Hinks will be hosting a FREE presentation for Commercial Landlords and their Advisors (we're even throwing in breakfast!) on Tuesday 25th November at Newcastle United Football Club and Tuesday 2nd December at Leeds Town Hall

New Rules on Distraint, Forfeiture and Rights of Re-entry

Soon the Landlords traditional remedy of distraint will be replaced with Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) and bailiffs will become "enforcement agents".As well as the change in terminology the procedure could become more complicated.

This fundamental change represents the most radical change to the Law of Distraint for over a century.

However the news for Landlords is not all bad. The new procedure gives rise to a number of practical issues for enforcement agents, their Clients and their Lawyers

Latimer Hinks and National Enforcement will be holding the presentations to highlight the changes which affect Commercial Landlords and will compare them with the existing regime through case studies.

Mark Gardner, Latimer Hinks will cover current options available to Landlords with defaulting tenants
§ County Court & Higher Court Remedies.
§ Enforcement Remedies through the Courts
§ Winding up, Bankruptcy
§ Claims in Guarantors
§ Distress & Forfeiture

Andy Coates, National Enforcement will speak about the change in "self -help remedies"

If you would be interested in attending either of the presentations please email me . For further details click here