Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Confessions of a Blogger

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Bloggers the world over preach on how to make a blog successful. I have committed what I feel to be the No.1 sin.

My only excuse is that I have been SO busy. I am organising for Latimer Hinks (as well as all my other duties):
1) A Bi-annual Charity Ball (Friday May 16th)
2) A Trustee Presentation (Thursday 27th Feb)
3) An Annual Dinner (Friday 29th)

The No.1 Blogging Sin that I have committed is....

Not Blogging! It has been over a week since my last blog.

Blogs must be regularly updated to hold interest. I even wrote Top Ten Blogging Tips - and consider the list as a Top Ten Commandments.

For some reason I have placed "regularly updating" at number 9 - i think i need a rewrite!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Trustees, Tax & Investment Presentation, 27th February

Yes, I know it's a boring title. One of the rules of blogging is to have a "snappy" title but i'm afraid that on this occasion the importance of the content outwieghed the "creative element".

With effect From 6 April 2008 enormous tax changes will be introduced and implemented. Those changes are going to impact on all taxpayers, including Trustees.

Latimer Hinks is holding a presentation on the 27th February to update Clients and Trustees on a number of tax and trust related matters.

If the content of the presentation is of interest, please contact us to book your place.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Knowledge Sharing through Social Networking - It Works!

As mentioned previously we are holding the Latimer Hinks bi-annual Charity Ball in May this year.

I decided that I would try to use social networking to my advantage, hence my first post about the ball.

Since this post I have received calls from:
  • a photographer who will come along on the evening free of charge, sell photos and donate 10% of the profits to the charities concerned.
  • an auction expert, he will supply auction items and organise a silent auction free of charge. Any profit made above the cost of the item will go directly to the charities

This will all be a great help. The companies can come in and professionally "do their thing". I will then have more time to see to the other aspect of the evening.

It's all getting very exciting! We're even looking at lighting the outside of Wynyard Hall. It is after all, a spectacular building.