Wednesday, 16 December 2009

DIY Wills - Don't do it!

We live in a society where, to save money, we attempt tasks ourselves that really should be undertaken by professionals.

You may have seen (and possibly heard) about home improvement DIY disasters. People make a living from creating cartoons relating to such disasters, but have you ever considered what may happen if you attempted a DIY Will? A Will than can be purchased "off the shelf"?

Andrew Way, Partner at Latimer Hinks comments on a recent court case relating to DIY Wills.

Court Case Highlights Danger of DIY Wills

DIY Wills are a risky business. Problems can arise if the Will was not correctly signed and witnessed. Drafting mistakes can leave the Will open to misinterpretation and could possibly render the Will useless. Not taking care of details such as this can prove very costly and sometimes distressing for those left to deal with it.

So, to avoid your Will being deemed unlawful or challenged by family members, good instructions, advice and legal guidance should be taken.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The North East Property Forum Meet Again!

Residential and commercial professionals met to discuss the state of the regional property market. Tim Haggie, Managing Partner at Latimer Hinks chaired the meeting and appeared in the video/podcast - an alternative method of promoting Latimer Hinks.

I attended one of the previous meeting and was surprised at how well the professionals from competing organisations communicated - there is, after all, strength in numbers!