Tuesday, 30 June 2009

North East Property Forum meet in June

Property Forum Meeting, June 2009 - The Property Forum (made up of solicitors, surveyors bankers and estate agents) met again and discussed first-time buyers’ needs as well as other property issues. The Northern Echo also reported on the meeting.

A couple of points were picked up:

Houses are selling as long as they are competitively priced. I have a particular interest in this point as my property is up for sale with what I hope is a "competitive price!"

  • There is an increase of interest from first time buyers especially with shared equity schemes

  • Lenders have noticed an increase in demand for mortgages

Cick on the link to view the podcast - Property Forum Meeting

Monday, 15 June 2009

ASSIST - Ladies Networking Group second meeting

July 1st is the date for the next ASSIST ladies networking event.

ASSIST is a networking group for ladies in the Tees Valley area. The aim of the group is to "help each other". ASSIST offers a "buddy system". Members will be allocated a PROFICIAM, someone to help/share knowledge with. For more information visit the ASSIST website.

There is obviously a need for this type of networking group - the launch event was a great success and a "sell out". The second event which will be held at the Thistle Hotel in Middlesbrough will hopefully attract the same numbers.

ASSIST members are given the opportunity to present/talk to attendees. Fiona Carter of CMF Solutions has very kindly offered to provide an interactive presentation on “Time Management for Those who Don't Have Time to Attend a Time Mangement Course” – we figure we all need advice in this area, how DO we make more time?!

The rest of the morning will provide an opportunity for further networking.

If you are interested in attending and are based in the Tees Valley area simply contact us at
assistladiesnetworking@hotmail.co.uk. Full details canbe found here
Cost £5 members, £7.50 non members

Thursday, 11 June 2009

When is a Wedding not a Wedding?

Gone are the days of a quick trip to the church followed by a sit down buffet at the local pub to celebrate a wedding. Marriages can cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. When spending this amount of money it is worth checking that your dream wedding is ACTUALLY legal.

When is a marriage not a marriage?

1) when you play around with your vows!

Judith Middleton, partner at Latimer Hinks warns that personalising wedding ceremonies could mean that some couples may not be legally wed. Leaving out key words from wedding vows may mean they do not comply with marital laws. See the full story: When is a Wedding Not a Wedding

2) when you have been married to a friend ordained online!

A couple from Conneticut had their ceremony performed by a friend who had been ordained online by the Universal Life Church. Having heard of other couples who were married that way, they assumed it was legal. But Connecticut is one of a half-dozen places that do not recognize marriages performed by someone who became a minister for the sole purpose of marrying people. See the full story: Great Wedding But Was It Legal?

I'm sure there will be many other examples of Non legal marriages however, i'll keep this blog short. If anyone would like to provide other examples, please feel free.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wind Farms & Heads of Terms

Neil Stevenson, partner at Latimer Hinks Solicitors is becoming quite an expert on windfarms, heads of terms, negotiations etc.

RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) recently asked Neil to speak at three of their conferences

The conferences cover a wide range of fee earning and current topical issues based on Energy, Environmental and Valuation.

The Chester (held during our mini heatwave) attracted an audience of around 50. Neil, understandably nervous received excellent feedback and many questions were asked after the event.

Neil recently took part in a video on wind farm negotiations - The Answer is Blowing in the Wind.

So, if you have a few acres of land available for an alternative energy project, please contact Latimer Hinks 01325 341500!