Thursday, 29 May 2008

Social Networking Guineapig is on holiday!

Social Networking Guineapig will be offline until June 10th.
Now I know that for blogging to be successful that posts must be made on a regular basis... but I intend to steer clear of all technology relating to the web.
I'm having a "chill" week!
Chat to you soon - SNG xx

Latimer Hinks Sponsors Teddy to go to the Arctic

St Teresa's Hospice based in Darlington is organising the most northerly teddy bears picnic - to be held in the Arctic!
Latimer Hinks is supplying and sponsoring a teddy to represent Latimer Hinks in the Arctic. He's travelling with a name badge with all his contact details (just in case he wanders off)! At this very moment he is patiently waiting in reception for the Teddy Taxi and the start of his great adventure. Hopefully we'll receive some photos of him in the Arctic.

It's a fun charity event and so far the Arctic Teddy Bears Picnic has raised £20,000 for St Teresa's Hospice

Further information can be found at Teddies to the Arctic

And.. just to let you know, Social Networking Guineapig will be offline while travelling to Tunisia for a well earned rest - will catch back up with things on the 10th June

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Record Amount Raised at the Charity Ball

What a fabulous night we all had!

The venue, Wynyard Hall is absolutely stunning and our guests were all impeccably turned out.

The telephone has hardly stopped ringing since Monday. Guests have called, left messages, sent cards etc - everyone seems to have had a good time!

The casino and tombola attracted a lot of attention and the auction (led by Simon Bainbridge of Smiths Gore) went by extremely quickly - Smiths Gore won the signed Falcons Rugby Shirt

We were donated a wonderful last minute print by Dave Pringle of Arte Couture (fashion for walls - see pic). A lady from Suma Hairdressing purchased it for her salon - i'm sure it will look great.

I've provided links below so that you can see photographs of the venue, event and guests.
KJB Photography (password LHSB)

Oh! nearly forgot we raised a total of £10,000. HSBC generously donated £1000 through their community fund (so many thanks for that)!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

No Award at the North East Digital Awards

Thursday night last week saw Judith Middleton (Judith's Divorce Blog) and Social Networking Guineapig at the North East Digital Awards 2007.

The awards were held at the Hyena Club. We wandered in after taking a sip of complimentary bubbly and sat ourselves near the exit as it was VERY warm.

The awards were billed to provide a networking opportunity but the set up in the Hyena Club did not lend itself to this. There were very long tables packed very closely together. Once you were sat down, you were basically "stuck".

Food was served - in a box, fish, chips and mushy peas - again not ideal for networking. Fish and chips were followed by...cheesecake (and I wondered why I had indegestion!)

The awards were late to start but when they did it was all over and done wit in about 20 mins.

Social Networking Guineapig did not win an award - here is the press and list of the winners. Winners were provided with a paper certificate. Woohoo! The overall winners received a small glass trophy/award which was not given to them when they were initially called on stage. The glass awards made an appearance at a photo opportunity at the close of the awards.

I did expect a slightly more glamorous ceremony where we would learn why the winners were made winners - this is what would interest me.

All the above apart, congratulations to all of the winners and a pat on the back for all those shortlisted. You never know, they may "glam" it up for 2009!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Celebrity Couples & Amicable Divorces

Half of marriages in England and Wales could end in divorce - usually a hostile divorce!

It's time to look at how "switched on" celebrity couples seek an amicable alternative to bitter divorce battles such as the Heather Mills and Paul McCartney case.

Many celebrity couples are embracing collaborative law or mediation to resolve their differences.

Robin Williams Divorce

Chantelle & Preston Divorce

Abramovich Divorce

Chris Evans & Billie Piper

Judith Middleton, Partner at Latimer Hinks provides further information here - Celebrity Couple & Amicable Divorces

More information can be found hereDivorces_ How You Can Work It Out

Thursday, 15 May 2008

North East Digital Awards - Time Out of the Office

Social Networking Guineapig (shortlisted in the awards for best use of blogging) and fellow blogger Judith (of Judith's Divorce Blog) will be attending the North East Digital Awards Ceremony today at the Hyena Club in Newcastle.

Apparently there is a VJ playing. I thought the invitations had a typo error, but on clarification it seems, they haven't! According to Wikipedia as VJ is a performance artist who creates moving visual art on large displays or screens.

I'm sure it will be interesting to watch, but it certainly makes me feel old!

I remember DJ's - my attendance at discos and raves seem so far back in the past that the details are hazy... but, I can now try to impress my neices with my up to the minute knowledge of VJ's and feel like a citizen of the 21st century!

Wish the Social Networking Guineapig luck!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Latimer Hinks Launches HIPs Services

You either love them or hate them but it looks like Home Information Packs are here to stay.

Since 14 December 2007 every home put on the market, no matter what size, must have a Home Information Pack.

The pack brings together key information needed by buyers and sellers at the start of the process and ensures that details regarding energy efficiency are made available every time a property is sold.

Latimer Hinks is now one of a small number of law firms throughout England and Wales currently providing HIPs.

Prices start from £275 inc VAT

Click to check out further information on Home Information Packs

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Racey Donations for the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball

The Latimer Hinks Charity Ball is nearly upon us! I'm spending my days chasing guest lists, wine lists, donations - basically running around like a headless chicken.

I could do with a speedy sports car (preferably a convertible now that the weather has warmed up) to collect donations for the ball.

Talking of cars S G Petch and Teesside Audi have been very generous the have donated weekend use of two fabulous cars!

We're using the Mazda RX8 as a first prize in the casino. The top 4 gamblers will receive a prize and the Mazda will be first.

Teesside Audi have donated an "Audi of your choice" - yes, of your choice! I think i'd have to go with the Audi TT cabriolet (and no kids would be allowed). This prize has been placed into the auction and will be "auctioned off" with a game of golf, lunch, spa treatments and dinner at Headlam Hall near Darlington.

SG Petch and Teesside Audi are going to "place" their cars in front of Wynyard Hall - i'm sure they'll look spectacular!