Thursday, 22 April 2010

Latimer Hinks Charity Ball - Dare I say it - we're nearly fully organised!

Am I tempting fate by suggesting that all entertainment is organised?

I do hope not. So far I have booked a band and disco - HUGE. They look like great fun and have played for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz!

As we have 275 guests I have booked two magicians (both have very different styles) to ensure that every table is entertained as least once.

The Casino, White Rose was recommended by St Teresa's Hospice (they have used them for the past 14 years!)

Our photographer, Keith Blundy came along to the ball in 2009 to document the start of the ball. This time around I want Keith to capture the fun and enjoyment as well as the entertainment. He is therefore going to be around for much of the evening.

The tombola will be manned by a couple of volunteers from St Teresa's (we're very, very grateful) and Latimer Hinks people throughout the evening.

I've also roped in various people from Latimers to help with the auction. Our auctioneer will be Graham Robb of Recognition.

And of course HSBC representatives will help with the Backward Bingo (HSBC will be matching £1 for £1 up to £1500)

Phew - it think it's all wrapped up!

Thanks to:
Band - HUGE
Magicians - Mike Driver, Dillinger
Casino - White Rose Casino
Photographer - Keith Blundy
Auctioneer - Graham Robb

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