Thursday, 18 December 2008

As the Credit Crunch Continues Business Acquisitions Are Still Being Made

We hear it every day, on the news, in the paper, on the internet.... there is a credit crunch. Businesses are becoming insolvent. Employees are being laid off. Doom and gloom abounds.

So it's refreshing to hear of a business man spending money by purchasing a business and keeping existing staff in employment!

Nick Poole, Partner at Latimer Hinks was recently involved in the purchase of a large domiciliary care business in Redcar for long-standing Client, Glenn Pickersgill.

Glenn, a local entrepreneur re-launched the business as Heritage Healthcare.

Here is the full story: Latimer Hinks Supports Entrepreneur's Return to the Care Business

Photo: Nick Poole, left. Ethel Iveston, centre and Glenn Pickersgill, right

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