Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Know Where you Stand Register your Land

Latimer Hinks, the Darlington-based law firm, is encouraging more people to register their land to help identify and protect what they own, as government figures show that currently only 65% of land in the UK is registered.

Although registration of land is now compulsory when it is sold, this hasn’t always been the case. This means many properties across England & Wales are still unregistered.

Having land registered usually provides the ultimate guarantee of evidence of ownership. It is also the most effective way to bring all documentation up to date and allows easy access to details online.

Benefits of registration

  • greater security of title
  • better protection against claims of adverse possession
  • administration of estate is in good order
  • land can be passed on more easily without the title deeds having to be continually examined.

    Further information can be found in the full press story Darlington Solicitors Urge Landowners to Register

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