Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Web 2: RSS and Readers - their benefits

Too Many Social Networks
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Lawyers still consider websites and email newsletters the most appropriate way to stay up to date with current news. Many have embraced Social Networking, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging etc - they are trying.

However, RSS feeds and Readers will change the way lawyers use the internet - once they understand what an RSS feed is and how it can be of benefit.

I came across RSS feeds through Common Craft. They produce very straight forward videos - in plain english (which is what many lawyers are accused on NOT doing). The videos have obviously been produced with a target audience in mind - "technophobes"!

For a basic, no frills video check out RSS In Plain English and Google Reader In Plain English

I must admit, once I discovered RSS and Google Reader there was no going back! Everything I want to read is on my desktop, it saves SOOO much time. If you like an item, it can be highlighted or "starred". You can even forward the information via email, add notes etc etc.

When redesigning the Latimer Hinks website I made sure that part of the site was available to download as an RSS feed, along with our blogs of course.

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