Thursday, 16 October 2008

Madonna's Divorce provides PR Opportunity

On The Radio.
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Here at Latimer Hinks, fee earning work is obviously a priority - easpecially in today's financial climate.

However, current affairs often provide an need for "immediate" action and the recent Madonna/Guy Ritchie secenario provided the opportunity - it will also enable Judith to show herself as an "expert" on divorce matters!

However, these opportunities can also backfire a little. Yesterday morning we had arranged for Judith Middleton, our divorce partner here at Latimer Hinks to be interviewed on Radio BBC Tees today in connection with what was initially going to be Madonna & Guy Ritchie's Split.

BUT as everybody knows, yesterday afternoon they released a statement indicating that they were to DIVORCE!

Judith's interview will now need to take a slightly different approach.

Here's the link to BBC Radio Tees

Judith will also be speaking with Alpha Radio later today.

It's all good fun!

For further divorce trivia/insight/lighthearted views see Judith's Divorce Blog

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