Monday, 14 July 2008

Photoshoots & Weather - they don't mix!

It's been said, never work with children or animals - well i can certainly say never try for a dry/sunny photoshoot in July in the UK - it ain't gonna happen!

I had to arrange a photo shoot with three charities, a bank and solicitor from Latimer Hinks in order to present money raised from the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball

I thought it would be ideal to hold the shoot outside Wynyard Hall - fabulous building.

When we arrived, the heavens opened. So we took the opportunity to take a few pics inside.

Then, the rain stopped so all 7 of us traipsed outside. We'd just managed to get the correct pose when again the heavens opened - a quick dash back in and the rain stopped.

We thought we'd give it one more try, by this point we were looking quite bedraggled (everyone took it in good spirit) - and hey presto out popped the sun. We dashed to position and finally managed to get an outside photo. (That's me in the front, i always manage to get the silly posing jobs!)

All in a days work! - Latimer Hinks Hands Over £10,000 to Three Charites

Charities present:

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