Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Latimer Hinks Website goes to Word Press

We have a new website!

When I originally started this blog I began to travel on a very steep learning curve.

I learned about Technorati, Feedburning, Widgets - all of which seemed to be a foreign language to begin with! But by trial and error, alot of patience and a willingness to learn Social Networking Guineapig started to reap a few rewards (for which one was being shortlisted in the North East Digital Awards for Best Use of Blogging)

Anyway, since then I have been involved with the redesign of the Latimer Hinks website. I wanted the new website to be:
  • interactive
  • user friendly
  • easily amended

After discusions with our design company - The Ad Agency, they suggested a website which would basically be (non technical speak here) a Word Press Blog with a Website Front.

This means that:

  • news releases can be bookmarked more easily through bookmarking buttons.
  • All content can be changed by me, I can add/delete pages/images etc - at no agency cost
  • I can (and have) claimed the blog on Technorati and i'm about to "burn a feed"
  • There is already an RSS button for people to subscribe to.

Hopefully, all of this will encourage an increase in our postition when it comes to search engines.

I may even get to grips with adding some widgets - eventually!

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