Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Racey Donations for the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball

The Latimer Hinks Charity Ball is nearly upon us! I'm spending my days chasing guest lists, wine lists, donations - basically running around like a headless chicken.

I could do with a speedy sports car (preferably a convertible now that the weather has warmed up) to collect donations for the ball.

Talking of cars S G Petch and Teesside Audi have been very generous the have donated weekend use of two fabulous cars!

We're using the Mazda RX8 as a first prize in the casino. The top 4 gamblers will receive a prize and the Mazda will be first.

Teesside Audi have donated an "Audi of your choice" - yes, of your choice! I think i'd have to go with the Audi TT cabriolet (and no kids would be allowed). This prize has been placed into the auction and will be "auctioned off" with a game of golf, lunch, spa treatments and dinner at Headlam Hall near Darlington.

SG Petch and Teesside Audi are going to "place" their cars in front of Wynyard Hall - i'm sure they'll look spectacular!

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