Thursday, 29 May 2008

Latimer Hinks Sponsors Teddy to go to the Arctic

St Teresa's Hospice based in Darlington is organising the most northerly teddy bears picnic - to be held in the Arctic!
Latimer Hinks is supplying and sponsoring a teddy to represent Latimer Hinks in the Arctic. He's travelling with a name badge with all his contact details (just in case he wanders off)! At this very moment he is patiently waiting in reception for the Teddy Taxi and the start of his great adventure. Hopefully we'll receive some photos of him in the Arctic.

It's a fun charity event and so far the Arctic Teddy Bears Picnic has raised £20,000 for St Teresa's Hospice

Further information can be found at Teddies to the Arctic

And.. just to let you know, Social Networking Guineapig will be offline while travelling to Tunisia for a well earned rest - will catch back up with things on the 10th June

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