Thursday, 15 May 2008

North East Digital Awards - Time Out of the Office

Social Networking Guineapig (shortlisted in the awards for best use of blogging) and fellow blogger Judith (of Judith's Divorce Blog) will be attending the North East Digital Awards Ceremony today at the Hyena Club in Newcastle.

Apparently there is a VJ playing. I thought the invitations had a typo error, but on clarification it seems, they haven't! According to Wikipedia as VJ is a performance artist who creates moving visual art on large displays or screens.

I'm sure it will be interesting to watch, but it certainly makes me feel old!

I remember DJ's - my attendance at discos and raves seem so far back in the past that the details are hazy... but, I can now try to impress my neices with my up to the minute knowledge of VJ's and feel like a citizen of the 21st century!

Wish the Social Networking Guineapig luck!

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