Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Women & Blogging - what would you give up?

Recently BlogHer and Compass Partners co-sponsored a US study that provides insights into women who blog and women who read blogs.

36.2 million women write and read blogs every week and of these approximately half
consider blogs reliable source of information.

I find this fact a little unsettling. Blogging is more about exchanging thoughts and opinions than about facts. You're free to say what you want to say in the way that you want to say it.

It is great to take on board others opinions, they can show a subject from a different angle - but unless you are reading a blogger with authority on a subject (see Judith's Divorce Blog) then what you are reading should not be assumed to be correct.

Here are some light hearted results from the survey - women would give something up to keep the blogs they read and/or write:
- 55% would give up alcohol
- 50% would give up their PDAs
- 42% would give up their i-Pod
- 43% would give up reading the newspaper or magazines
BUT, some things are sacred … only 20% would give up chocolate!

You'll find the full survey here and a link to the actual presentation


Social Networking Designer said...

While it's fun and informative reading blogs, not everything should be taken as a fact. Some might just be a personal opinion of the author. Well it would't hurt to back your blog read up with real informtive sites by searching it up on Google or yahoo.

Andrea Tobin said...

My thoughts exactly

Judith said...

Authoritative - now you really do have me worried!