Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Power of Social Networking - $700,000 in 4 days

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Social Networking can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses. It's becoming an important part of everyday life, and this is set to continue. Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo etc will have to work hard to retain their position in this fast paced industry as new Social Networking sites evolve.

I have recently used Social Networking sites to promote Judith's Divorce Blog and Social Networking Guineapig's entries into the North East Digital Awards - we should see in a months time how effective this has been.

The Latimer Hinks Charity Ball has also been promoted via this method - and it's working. Businesses have contacted Latimer Hinks to offer prizes, free services etc - and of course social media promotion will be of great benefit to the charities.

Although the above efforts have been relatively successful they pale into insignificance when you read about 19 year old Michael Treinen who is fighting for his life. He needs a $500,000 bone marrow transplant. With only a few days to raise money to cover the costs, the Treinan family turned to email, asking friends and family to donate $20 within three days and forward the email to 20 friends.

Four Days; $700,000 Social Networking Works.

This is such a powerful "spirit lifting" story that i just had to share it -you can count on friends, and friends arethe basis for the majority of Social Networking sites - this is why they are so successful!

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