Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Johnny Wilkinson, Matthew Tait - the whole Newcastle Falcons Squad in one room - a great day out of the office!

A while back I contacted Newcastle Falcons in the hope that they could help in providing an auction prize for the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball.

I was, to say the least very excited to receive an invitation to attend a Charity Signing Day at the Falcons Stadium. The invitation extended to one other person attending so I "dragged" along Rosie (one of our solicitors with a keen interest in rugby).

The whole squad were there to sign (including the guys who played for England - Johnny Wilkinson, Matthew Tait...etc). They were all sat at tables and we had to work our way around following the t-shirt on it's way - it was such hard work - not!

It was quite hectic and I would imagine that there were around 100 people in the room waiting for signed memorabilia.

Rosie and I decided to purchase the black home shirt and proceeded to walk around the tables. The rugby shirt moved quicker than us and when we arrived for the last player's autograph our rugby shirt was nowhere to be found!

We were shocked! This was after all a Charity Signing Day to benefit charities and someone had taken not one shirt but at least 4 others. Disgraceful!

We all tracked down the staff and explained the situation. After much searching we were all provided with a different rugby shirt that had already been signed.

This rugby shirt will provide a great auction prize which of course we hope will sell for "lots of money" (i haven't a clue how much) and... it was a great day out of the office!

However, this not the only sports donation that Latimer Hinks have received.

We also have 2 signed footballs, one for Middlesbrough FC and the other Newcastle UFC and we are very grateful for all.

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