Monday, 17 March 2008

We've Entered the North East Digital Awards!

Way back in November 2007 I attended a Stilletto Bootcamp, just for ladies. It was a digital awareness presentation.

As the session drew to a close and as I was asked if Latimer Hinks would be interested in publicity for our blogs/digital presence. Apparently for a law firm in the UK we are quite forward thinking and progressive! I said we would be VERY happy to.

I finally have acted on this advice and entered Judith's Divorce Blog into the North East Digital Awards. The section is Digital Users/Marketing Awards/Best Use of Blogging.

At the moment there are only 4 entries and only 11 days to go, so we have left it a little late. But, with the help of some useful blogging and social networking skills we may still be in the running.

So, if you feel inclined to cast a vote, please do. Obviously the more voters the better - it will also encourage the North East Digital Awards organisers to consider the same awards for 2009.

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