Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Charity Ball is "drifting" on

Madame Tussauds - X Factor
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I've finally managed to book a band - what a carry on!
Guests will consist of local high net worth businesses/banks etc so i was looking for a sophisticated, great sounding band/group.

The agencies very kindly sent CD's to help with the decision process. One particular agency The Dixon Agency provided a DVD which was a great help as you can see how the band perform, and of course, what they look like!

Our Boardroom on Wednesday morning was similar to Simon Cowell's X Factor with our Marketing Partner, Anne Elliott and our postroom staff (Louise, Lisa and Maureen) the judges (and very harsh judges at that!). Anne very easily morphed into the role of Simon - some of her quotes consisted of "...outfits far too sexy, could give someone a heart attack", "look just like all the other boy bands"... and on and on.

Eventually votes were cast and the winners were...Young Drifters -they sound great and look even better, especially with their co-ordinated dance moves.

That's one more job ticked off the Charity Ball list... now time to concentrate on getting people there!

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