Monday, 14 January 2008

Why Blog? - the Advantages

Because, as Nick Holmes of Internet Newsletter for Lawyers says
Blogging is the most successful and relevant Web 2.0 network and that's not going to change anytime soon
Surprisingly, many are unaware of the strength that a blog can provide for a website in support of business. Flexibility is one of it's main strengths and this is often overlooked.

Blogs are commonly referred to as being "just a diary" but blogs have now evloved into something much more - a platform to promote business, an opportunity to educate readers and the potential to reach a massive internet audience.

It's also free, apart from giving your time to blog of course.

Advantages of Blogging
  • Blogs boost online branding, they create and awareness of your product/service
  • Blogs have the potential to develop stronger relationships with it's Clients/customers. They provide an approachable "human face" for the business
  • Blogs provide an excellent way of sharing information/knowledge. The reader/Client is better informed.
  • Blog feeds can be distributed as RSS through services such as Feedburner for further optimisation
  • Blogs allow you to interact with your customer base. Blogs offer you the option of enabling a "comments" field where readers can give you feedback, you will have at your disposal an effective and inexpensive way to get to know your Clients/customers better.
  • Blogs build up the profile of the author. The firm/author will be showcased as having talent/expertise
  • Blogs create an environment where not only the author, but all the participants can share ideas and opinions on a diverse range of subjects and learn from each other.
  • Blogs are search-engine-friendly and since blogs are updated regularly, search engines will "crawl" them more often and add your new posts to their index
  • Blogs provide a great tool for media and PR. The cost benefits of blogging are "peanuts" compared to tv or newspaper campaigns
As you can see the advantages are numerous. Blogs are a great way to communicate and used correctly will be of great benefit to a business.


abhishek singh said...

"The cost benefits of blogging are "peanuts" compared to tv or newspaper campaigns"

I feel it is the other way out..

The Benefit to Cost Ratio is huge!
The Cost to Benefit Ratio too is huge!

Yes, The Cost "of" Benefits involved is low!

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Andrea Tobin said...

i've updated the link for you. hope this helps. good luck with the blogging!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Andrea Tobin said...

Hi Peter, as long as you link back you are more than welcome to share the information