Monday, 21 January 2008

Severe Weather Warning and Social Networking

road in snow and fog
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There are so many benefits to social networking that I thought i'd post one of the most obvious and current.

Severe Weather Warnings/Problems

At this very moment at Latimer Hinks headquarters in Darlington it's raining and has been doing so quite consistently all day.

On Friday I travelled to London via rail, passing through York. At that point there were floods up to the walls of the residents gardens. I dread to think where the water will be now.

I drive to work from Crook (often referred to as the Gateway to Weardale) in County Durham, we don't do rain, well not today anyway. Today at this very moment it's snowing and has been since 10am.

I have received numerous texts today from friends who have left work (in Crook) early in order to "get home" as the roads are becoming treacherous.

In Tow Law, a village very close to Crook the roads have been closed due to the snow (I might add that Tow Law is the highest village in County Durham at over 1000 feet above seal level).

Is Social Networking hindered by bad weather?

I think not, unless your electicity is out, your computer has a virus or you happen to leave your computer in a room that will become flooded!

If you were networking "in the flesh" you would have the problem of getting to the venue, dodging floods and snow ridden roads. Then there is the problem of time. Would you be late?

New media tools can help us to network in the most difficult of weather situations without the possibility of being late.

I believe that the best of both worlds is the ideal - Social networking during the damp, dank months and networking "in the flesh" for those lovely summer days and evenings.

In the meantime I will be staying tuned to the weather forecast in the hope that on my return home I do not get caught up in floods or snowstorms!

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