Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Helpful Roundup for Bloggers

Throughout this experiement the Social Networking Guineapig has come across all manner of information, podcasts, videos and tips from fellow bloggers that I thought it sensible to dedicate this post to the bloggers and their links without which I would most certainly have struggled.

1) Roger Coathup - 21 Thoughts
If I had not attended the excellent presentation on Web 2 by Roger, the Social Networking Guineapig would not have come into being!

2) Judith Middleton - Judith's Divorce Blog
If I did not have the blogging support of Judith, Partner at Latimer Hinks the Social Networking Guineapig would have no relevance

3) LeeLefever - Common Craft
For his most excellent In Plain English Videos. Wiki's and RSS feeds were gobbeldygook to me until I viewed Common Craft's very simple videos

4) The Online Marketing Blog
for the list of submission URLs for web directories which saved a tremendous amount of time

5) Feedburner and Google Analytics
great services to monitor blog traffic (which be warned, can become addictive!). Feedburner also publishes the blog through RSS feeds.

6) Networking Sites
for providing the opportunity to chat and share knowledge with people/businesses who have similar interests

7) The Internet/ Web 2.0
for providing the potential to target the largest audience in the world! Social Networking Guineapig has been viewed throughout the world, Peru, Canada, India, Russia - the list goes on.

8) The Podcast Sisters
for their weekly informative social media, social bookmarking etc etc podcasts.

Well, that rounds it up for today. There are many more helpful bloggers out there and once you find remember them:
  • subscribe to their RSS feed
  • bookmark them
  • start a converstation/get to know them

See, I have taken the advice onboard!

1 comment:

Roger Coathup said...

You'll be giving the presentation next time!

It's great to see Social Networking Guineapig going strong and being successful.