Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Successful Sponsorship of the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball

2014 is the first year that we have offered sponsorship opportunities for the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball and it seems to have been quite successful. Over 280 local business people, their colleagues, friends and family will be attending the Ball - a sponsor's perfect audience and the opportunity to promote their brand, create awareness, show their support for local charities etc etc.
So, a big cheer for:

  • Lewis Surveying Associates - who are sponsoring the floral displays. The displays will show a tag designed specifically for Lewis Surveying
  • Recognition PR - is sponsoring and producing the introduction video
  • Sherwoods Ltd - is sponsoring Roll the Dice - a game of skill. Throw seven dice, if they all land with the Sherwoods logo showing you take away a brand new Vauxhall Adam Jam 1.2i 16v VVT 3 door
  • MT Print - are printing all promotional material 
  • Ad Agency - has designed the promotional material

By raising sponsorship for the Latimer Hinks Charity Ball we are ensuring that the charities gain more funds - so once again, THANK YOU.

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