Thursday, 22 July 2010

Latimer Hinks Joined with Local Businesses to Raise over £33,000

Latimer Hinks and other local businesses were tasked with a challenge from Vantis Plc. Turn £50 into as much money as possible (legitimately!) for three local charities. St Teresa's Hospice, Zoe's Place and Hartlepool and District Hospice.

How could we resist? A programe of fundraising activities was quickly devised...

Preparing to take part

  • Dress down days
  • Balloon release

  • Car boot sale

  • Cake baking - not great for the waistline, but I certainly did look forward to Monday mornings when cakes were sold

  • Ebay - my office was due a clean out se we thought the charities might benefit from the proceeds of an old exhibition display, some toner cartridges not in use etc..

  • Quiz and raffle - yeah, i was on the winning team (by luck rather than my expertise in general knowledge - did you know that a female polar bear is called a sow)?

  • Sold Organic Rhubarb from colleague's garden

  • Silent auction

  • Cricket match

  • Jewellery party

  • Come dine with me - some great nights with great food

  • We also received donations of £75

A total of £1,749.97 was raised by Latimer Hinks.

The Vantis Challenge (59 companies took part) raised a grand total of £33,724.19

Well done to all that took part and supported the challenge!

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