Thursday, 1 July 2010

How Many Solicitors Does it Take to Paint a Room?

It makes a refreshing change to step out of the office and take on something that you wouldn't normally do in a working day.

On the 23rd June (England V Slovakia in the World Cup) five members of the Latimer Hinks Private Client Team (+ me) popped along to Age UK in Darlington to redecorate their main meeting room.

Arriving in the room we were struck by the very orange 70's decoration which was to be transformed into a cream, calm oasis....then we noticed the working portable tv in the corner. Multi-tasking was the key word of the day - tea and biscuits, painting and watching the world cup! AND England won! What a great day!

Photo LtoR: The Latimer Hinks Private Client Decorating Team - Helen Booth, Nadine Sweeney, Natalie Palmer, Gillian Ibbotson, Daniel Williams, Andrew Way

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