Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Promotion Expertise Through Video

Despite the ongoing recession, life at Latimer Hinks for me is particularly busy. As well as the ongoing promotion of Latimer Hinks we are experimenting with a new media for us - video.
As more individuals/businesses acquire fast broadband connections, video has become a powerful marketing tool, 24/7. We thought we'd "have a go"!

1) Tim Haggie, managing partner chaired a meeting to discuss the property market. See my previous post which includes a link to the property video.

The aim of the discussion video is to show Tim as an expert in his field - Commercial Property and to keep his "finger on the pulse" of what is going on with the property market in our region.
The video has been posted to youtube and various other sites as well as being sent to Clients/referrers that may have an interest in the discussion. The "get together" also provided the opportunity for leading surveyors and estate agents to perhaps build on their business relationships.

2) Neil Stevenson, partner at Latimer Hinks met with John Littlefair (wind farm owner) to discuss how lucrative wind farms can be and how Latimer Hinks can help. Neil is an expert in agricultural law, with particular interest in alternative energy. Again, we hope the video - the Answer is Blowing in the Wind will show Neil as an expert in a niche area.

As you probably know, YouTube monitors how many times the video has been viewed. This will eventually be of great interest and only time will tell if we pick up any business through video promotion.

I am on the look out for video hosting sites that specialise in a particular area. For example Alternative Energy. I can then post to sites with members that have a relevant interest.

All of this posting takes an awful lot of time - i'm looking for quicker ways. I do bookmark with sites such as Stumble, Delicious, Furl, Digg etc and i do see the success through google analytics - so, it's worth it!

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