Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Oniomania - Shopping Addiction and the Recession

Oniomanía $3.00
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Apparently 25% of Britons are addicted to shopping! Couple that with the current recession and we may find that the 25% addicted to shopping also have mounting debt issues - and from there, without help it's a downward spiral. Take a look at Latimer Hinks press release - Help at Hand When the Shopping Habit Costs Too Much.

I must admit i'm quite restrained when it comes to spending money. If i haven't got the money/cash/wherewithall I will not spend. I hate the thought of owing money or paying on plastic. I never seem to have much spare cash BUT I don't have much debt and I believe that in the current economic climate this is the safest way to survive the recession.

Shopping addiction - oniomania is a hot topic at the moment. See my previous blog post Confessions of a Shopaholic for more information and advice on how to handle your debts.

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