Thursday, 20 September 2007

Top Ten Tips - Blogging for Beginners

I recently posted a question on LinkedIn, a business networking site. To say that i am exceptionally pleased with the response is a slight understatement!

I have compiled the responses to give you a Top Ten Tips for Beginner Bloggers.
  1. Promote and claim your blog through Technorati. The more you are mentioned in other blogs, the higher your Authority.
  2. Bookmark you blog/entries to sites such as digg,, stumble, facebook etc
  3. Include an RSS feed (i use Feedburner to publish my feed (it's free))
  4. Check for keywords related to your blog topics. Use them in articles and titles of posts
  5. Post comments on related blogs with links back to your blog
  6. Partial quote other relevant blogs and add content of value
  7. Make use of Feedburner PRO services. They are now free and can optimise, publicise and monetise your blog
  8. Ensure you have something worth reading
  9. Update regularly
  10. Ping your blog

And, as an added extra, for loads of information on blogging visit Problogger

I wish i'd known all of this when i first started my blog. Many many thanks to the LinkedIn members who responded to my original question


jake said...

well nice and effective comments. i have come across a lot of tips for new bloggers, but your one seems to be more directive and wider ranged. thanx.

(quick application of one of your tips ;) lol)

Andrea said...

thanks for the comment jake - did you also bookmark me? gotta keep the momentum going!! lol. i find digg and stumble to be the most effective for referring traffic once a post has been blogged.