Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Blogging - slowly but surely there seems to be a pay off!

We've now been blogging for over a month now and Judith's Divorce Blog is finally gaining recognition.

The last time i spoke with Judith she'd had over 900 hits on her Yahoo 360 blog (which contains the same information as her blogspot blog).

The blogspot blog has been mentioned in various other family lawyers blogs, so many thanks to them - Family Lore & Bloody Relations both excellent blogs in their own right.

I've also managed to have Judith's divorce blog highlighted as a "featured external blog" wikivorce. I'm now in the process of trying for the same on Infolaw. *Update* Judith's Blog is now on infolaw!

Due to the success of this trial blog we have decided to start up another. This time to promote the Private Client side of Latimer Hinks Solicitors. Wills, trusts, probate, inheritance tax planning, estate planning etc etc.

The blog is called Anne's Tax Planning Blog and will advise on all aspects of "planning for the future". Again, i have started the blog in Yahoo 360 - we like the community based blog providers and hope to gain traffic through Yahoo and direct it to the blogspot blog of the same name.

I like the blogspot sites as you can add widgets, set up RSS feeds and monitor through google analytics, which seems to be a problem in Yahoo.

I will keep you updated


John Bolch said...

Thanks for the mention. Your link to my blog doesn't work because the www is missing!

jacquig said...

And thanks from me too! I was glad to discover the wiki on divorce which I didn't know about and have added the link.

Nick said...

Thanks for the blogroll link to Binary Law. Judith's blog is listed in infolaw Lawfinder: Blogs and the feed has been added to the Lawfeeder (you need to fix the link to that in this post).

Andrea said...

Thanks for the comments guys - all links have been amended and "should" now work.