Monday, 16 July 2007

Blidgets and Widgets!

Some form of new insect/disease? Not at all, simply take your blog, make it into a widget and share it with the widgetsphere.
What’s a blidget?
A blidget is a widget that contains your blog. Other people can place your blidget on their sites, increasing your exposure.

Why should I want a blidget?
A blidget drives readers to your site.
Many bloggers like to show support for the other blogs they read, and like to provide their readers with related articles they might like. Everyone who goes to their blog is instantly given a sneak peak into yours.
Some of our blidgets quickly gain hundreds of subscribers — that is, hundreds of people put your blidget on their site, providing their readers exposure to your content.
I decided to give it a go.
If you look at the right hand side of my blog you will see Judith's divorce blog's blidget. What a mouthful! Judith made her blog into a widget and i was able to add it to my blog. Any changes that are made should show instantly.

It's a direct link to Judith's Divorce blog and whatever topic you wish to view if you click, will take you directly to that topic.

I think that this is a great way to share promotional tactics. Any thoughts?
PS: the widget/blidget came from Widgetbox

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