Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Visit from LawNet

Yesterday representatives from LawNet travelled to Latimer Hinks to discuss/inform us of the services LawNet offers.

Latimer Hinks is a member of LawNet.

LawNet's aim is "to help win and retain clients, reduce costs and increase profitability" so it was a good idea for their team to come along and update us.

The talk was to be held at our offices in Priestgate, we arranged lunch (courtesy of LawNet). The finger buffet provided by Ray Wade catering was excellent!

This was the first lunch for LawNet. They wish to carry out the same process with other member firms - we were very gentle with them!

It soon became apparent that we really did not know much at all about LawNet.
  • members can enjoy online specialist groups (knowing that other law firms would not be in competition)
  • LawNet can write text for a particular service we would wish to provide
  • we can use standard leaflets and drop in our logo
  • there are free pdf's available that can be tailored to requirements
  • they are considering offering training in the North (sometimes fee earners would like to take up training but most courses are based in London)
Many other points were discussed, and will continue to be discussed. Now that we have met the LawNet team it feels that we are now building a relationship and can contact them for advice/information. It's also good to put a face to a voice or email!!

The LawNet team were:
  • Helen Hamilton-Shaw - Director of Services
  • Myriam Stirling - Events & Networking Co-ordinator
  • George Coombes - Marketing & Services Executive


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