Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Search Engine Optimisation - How Do you Do It?

Latimer Hinks is undergoing a website revamp. It’s a lot more time consuming that I initially thought it would be. At the moment we’re looking at layouts and applying the right tone to text.

We want to look professional, on the ball etc but don’t want to be condescending. Keywords need to be considered as well as search engine optimization (which sounds like a disease akin to swineflu)! It’s all a bit gobbledegook to me!

However, I’ve recently been contacted by Adam Smith, an SEO specialist.

Did you know that contrary to belief social networking doesn’t guarantee google rankings?

Adam is hopefully, going to advise me on the best way to optimise a couple of Latimer Hinks specialist services for search engines – Inheritance Tax Planning for High Net Worth Clients, Alternative Energy Negotiations (windfarms, telecommunications etc) and Succession Planning for Agricultural Clients.

I’ve tried bookmarking press releases and sharing this information on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Any new advice will be greatly appreciated. I shall keep you informed.

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