Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Implementing Redundancies Presentation Well Attended

Yesterday Latimer Hinks held a presentation at Darlington Football Club on Implementing Redundancies in the work place.

The week previous to the event, news hit the press stating that Darlington Football Club was in administration.... panic! Would we still be able to hold the presentation? Will they continue to trade? etc etc.

However, there was no need for panic as the conference side of the business is still up and running!

The presentation was well attended - a reflection of the current climate.

Nick Poole, partner at Latimer Hinks explained how as an employer facing the need for redundancies it is essential to plan early and plan carefully. The redundancy process must be handled in a manner which is fair to all employees and does not leave the company exposed to claims for unfair dismissals.

If your conpany/organistation does need to consider workplace redundancies we strongly advise you to take specialist legal advice.

Other areas of advice from Latimer Hinks commercial department includes:
· Human resource support and strategy
· Changing terms and conditions, business transfers and TUPE
· Contracts for directors, consultants, employees, casuals and temps
· Directors’ service agreements
· Due diligence, indemnities and warranties in sale and outsourcing agreements
· Handbooks and procedures
· Partnership law
· Data protection

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