Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Promoting Business Through Social Networking

Increasingly, businesses are turning to social networking websites to find new customers.

The current financial climate sees businesses "cutting back" and are now looking for alternative ways to market the individual, as well as the firm.

Social networking is the solution - it provides a low cost/economical way of reaching potential Clients and target markets.

Latimer Hinks Solicitors actively encourage social networking and are members of sites such as:

LinkedIn, Women into the Network, Facebook.

These sites have added bonuses. LinkedIn provides a "question" section where you can ask LinkedIn users for advice. I have asked questions and have been overwhelmed with responses from all over the world. I posted a blog a while back on How to get the Most out of LinkedIn, take a look, it's well worth the time.

Women Into the Network, this group also organises "get togethers", presentations, information days etc. You get to meet the people you have been networking with "in the flesh". As well as this you can post press releases, events etc all free of charge. These are also sent directly to members inboxes! How's that for reducing promotional costs!

Facebook - I think that the majority of people already know about Facebook. I use it to "push" press releases and blog entries which then directs traffic to the Latimer Hinks website.

The website is4profit has written the published the following article:

Market Slowdown Firms find Customers via Social networking

So, if you are trying to beat the recession and need to look for alternative methods of promotion have a go at social networking! All it costs is your time...

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