Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Confessions of a Blogger

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Bloggers the world over preach on how to make a blog successful. I have committed what I feel to be the No.1 sin.

My only excuse is that I have been SO busy. I am organising for Latimer Hinks (as well as all my other duties):
1) A Bi-annual Charity Ball (Friday May 16th)
2) A Trustee Presentation (Thursday 27th Feb)
3) An Annual Dinner (Friday 29th)

The No.1 Blogging Sin that I have committed is....

Not Blogging! It has been over a week since my last blog.

Blogs must be regularly updated to hold interest. I even wrote Top Ten Blogging Tips - and consider the list as a Top Ten Commandments.

For some reason I have placed "regularly updating" at number 9 - i think i need a rewrite!

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